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LMS/BR 20 Ton Goods Brake Van complete with interior stove

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7053 LMS/BR 20 Ton Goods Brake Van complete with interior stove £48.59 £58.31

O Gauge (7mm scale)

This kit allows the modeller to build a fine scale model of this ubiquitous vehicle to one of three different diagrams. The first, D1919, was introduced in 1935 and 670 vehicles were built. A further 522 vehicles appeared during the period 1940/41 under D2036.

And finally, approximately 1320 were built between 1949 and 1950 to D2068. As one would expect there were some detail differences between the three diagrams.

The first diagram was fitted with shallow side look outs. These were deepened on later vehicles, increasing the width over the look outs from 8'6" to 9'0". The last diagram was given deeper ballast pockets to increase the vehicle weight and a different pattern of brake gear was fitted with four shoes acting on each wheel. Also Nos.732396 -732470 D2068 were fitted with automatic vacuum brakes.

On fitted vehicles the buffers were packed out on wooden blocks, a 211 vacuum pipe ran through the underframe and a gauge/valve was fitted inside the vehicle. The outer ends of vehicles built to D1919 had more rivets than those to later diagrams where one assumes that extensive use was made of welding in construction.