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LNER/BR 20 ton Brake Van

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7033 LNER/BR 20 ton Brake Van £48.59 £58.31

O Gauge (7mm scale)

The LNER/BR 20 Ton brake van is still one of our most popular vehicles in our large range of kits. This kit allows the modeller to build a fine scale model of this ubiquitous vehicle with provision for various detail differences. A long wheel base double veranda goods brake van was introduced by the LNER in 1929 to diagram 61.

This vehicle is within the scope of this kit but we have not included the sanding gear fitted to each end above the steel decking. By 1936 the sanders had been removed from all vehicles. These early vans had three lamp irons on the ends, side lamps fitted on a double bracket, no ballast weights on the decking and short step boards. A later version (still LNER) was fitted with concrete ballast on the end decks and carried two lamp irons on the end.These vehicles kept the short step boards and the side lamps but many were fitted with vacuum pipes and gauge (inside the vehicle body). Finally we come to the version adopted as a standard design by British Railways. Many were built from 1949 to diagram 1/504 (fitted with vacuum pipes) and 1/506 (unfitted). Up to 1955 they were built with oil wheel bearings from then (Lot 2868) onwards they had roller bearings (not supplied). As one would except there were some detail differences on the BR standard brake van. The step boards now run the length of the solebar, the side lamps were replaced by lamps carried on brackets on the corner posts, the end had only one central lamp iron and horizontal grab handles were fitted just above the ballast weights.